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“As a born and raised New Yorker, I can’t believe I just recently learned of this spot, but I am thrilled that I did! When friends asked me to meet them at the Burger Joint inside the Parker Meridian, I couldn’t find it. I was looking for some stuffy hotel restaurant. Finally someone came to fetch me. Hidden in a secret hallway off the lobby, Burger Joint reminds me of the Twilight Zone. It appears out of nowhere like a greasy oasis with a neon sign. The restaurant is exactly what it claims to be. A Burger Joint. No frills, but excellent food and beer! And a super cool atmosphere.”
13 hours ago
"The messier the plate, the better. Octopus appears tangled in a heap of farro and broccoli rabe, over a muddy swath of onion purée. The texture astonishes: the octopus is first poached for two and a half hours in white wine, then left to rest for a day as the wine’s sugars caramelize with the natural gelatin. The result is close to barbecue, with a dark, chewy crust and meaty interior."
10 days ago
"The restaurant has something of a cafeteria feel, with help-yourself tubs of metal spoons and black chopsticks on the tables, which you are likely to share with (friendly) strangers. Glasses of water are served hot, as they would be in China in winter."
10 days ago
Guy said about the slow-roasted goat necks, "It's ridiculously good. Tender, juicy meat."
10 days ago
"The approach is classical, the lineup one all-star after another: hamachi dimpling from pink to red under a daub of fresh wasabi, chopped until half liquid; scallop stroked with lemon; king salmon on the verge of abandoning solidity."
10 days ago
"The owner of this place is the president of the association of Neapolitan pizza makers."
10 days ago